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Client-Side Attacks and Defense

Client-Side Attacks and Defense offers background networks against its attackers. The book examines the forms of client-side attacks and discusses different kinds of attacks along with delivery methods including, but not limited to, browser exploitation, use of rich internet applications, and file format vulnerabilities. It also covers defenses, such as antivirus and anti-spyware, intrusion detection systems, and end-user education.
The book explains how to secure Web browsers, such as…

Client Side Attacks And Defense

Pub Date : 2012 | Author : Mike Bailey | Publisher : Newnes

ISBN 10 : 9781597495905
ISBN 13 : 1597495905

Individuals wishing to attack a company's network have found a new path of least resistance-the end user. A client- side attack is one that uses the inexperience of the end user to..

Web Hacking

Pub Date : 2003 | Author : Stuart McClure | Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN 10 : 0201761769
ISBN 13 : 9780201761764

This Web hacking volume extends the Hacking Exposed legacy into the terrain of Web vulnerabilities and attacks. McClure and his team bring even more insight into how hackers infilt..

Sql Injection Attacks And Defense

Pub Date : 2012 | Author : Justin Clarke | Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN 10 : 9781597499637
ISBN 13 : 1597499633

SQL Injection Attacks and Defense, First Edition: Winner of the Best Book Bejtlich Read Award "SQL injection is probably the number one problem for any server-side application, and..

Web Application Obfuscation

Pub Date : 2011 | Author : Eduardo Alberto Vela Nava | Publisher : Elsevier

ISBN 10 : 9781597496049
ISBN 13 : 1597496049

Web applications are used every day by millions of users, which is why they are one of the most popular vectors for attackers. Obfuscation of code has allowed hackers to take one a..

Comptia Security Review Guide

Pub Date : 2014-05-05 | Author : James M. Stewart | Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 10 : 9781118922903
ISBN 13 : 1118922905

Focused review for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam The CompTIA Security+ certification offers tremendous opportunities for IT professionals. For those who want to take the..

Kali Linux Social Engineering

Pub Date : 2013-12-24 | Author : Rahul Singh Patel | Publisher : Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN 10 : 9781783283286
ISBN 13 : 1783283289

This book is a practical, hands-on guide to learning and performing SET attacks with multiple examples. Kali Linux Social Engineering is for penetration testers who want to use Bac..

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