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Surveillance or Security?: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies …

Digital communications are the lifeblood of modern society. We “meet up” online, tweet our reactions millions of times a day, connect through social networking rather than in person. Large portions of business and commerce have moved to the Web, and much of our critical infrastructure, including the electric power grid, is controlled online. This reliance on information systems leaves us highly exposed and vulnerable to cyberattack. Despite this, U.S. law enforcement and national security…

Surveillance Or Security

Pub Date : 2010 | Author : Susan Eva Landau | Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN 10 : 9780262015301
ISBN 13 : 0262015307

How, in the name of greater security, our current electronic surveillance policies are creating major security risks...

Thinking Through Digital Media

Pub Date : 2015-04-09 | Author : D. Hudson | Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 10 : 1349492701
ISBN 13 : 9781349492701

Thinking through Digital Media: Transnational Environments and Locative Places speculates on animation, documentary, experimental, interactive, and narrative media that probe human..


Pub Date : 2010-06-15 | Author : Mark Riebling | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 1451603851
ISBN 13 : 9781451603859

Prophetic when first published, even more relevant now, Wedge is the classic, definitive story of the secret war America has waged against itself. Based on scores of interviews wit..

Privacy On The Line

Pub Date : 2010-02-26 | Author : Whitfield Diffie | Publisher : MIT Press

ISBN 10 : 9780262262514
ISBN 13 : 0262262517

Telecommunication has never been perfectly secure. The Cold War culture of recording devices in telephone receivers and bugged embassy offices has been succeeded by a post-9/11 wor..

The Bondage Of The Will

Pub Date : 2001-09-01 | Author : Martin Luther | Publisher : Sovereign Grace Publishers,

ISBN 10 : 9781878442512
ISBN 13 : 1878442511

This edition of the Bondage of the Will was translated by Henry Cole in 1823. "Free will was no academic question to Luther; the whole Gospel of the grace of God, he held, was boun..

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