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Internet Governance and the Information Society: Global Perspectives and Eu…

Internet Governance And The Information Society

ISBN 10 : 9789077596562
ISBN 13 : 9077596569

The legal, social, and economic implications of the information society permeate every fiber of public life in the real world, influencing politics and policies and testing the lim..

The Evolution Of Global Internet Governance

ISBN 10 : 9783642452994
ISBN 13 : 364245299X

The volume explores the consequences of recent events in global Internet policy and possible ways forward following the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications (W..

Routledge Handbook On The European Union And International Institutions

ISBN 10 : 9780415539463
ISBN 13 : 0415539463

While the EU has championed "effective multilateralism" and experienced a dramatic internal reform process to improve its performance in external relations, broader multilateral pr..

The Council Of Europe

ISBN 10 : 9287167168
ISBN 13 : 9789287167163

What has been the role of the Council of Europe in the historic process of integrating eastern European states into the "Euro-transatlantic structures"? What has been the impact of..

Freedom Of Expression And The Internet

ISBN 10 : 9789287178381
ISBN 13 : 9287178380

With the rise of the Internet, the opportunities to express oneself have grown exponentially, as have the challenges to freedom of expression. From the Arab Spring to the global Oc..

Governance Regulation And Powers On The Internet

ISBN 10 : 9781107378858
ISBN 13 : 1107378850

Digital technologies have prompted the emergence of new modes of regulation and governance, since they allow for more decentralized processes of elaboration and implementation of n..

Public Policy In International Economic Law

ISBN 10 : 9780191026485
ISBN 13 : 0191026484

States reject inequality when they choose to ratify the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), but to date the ICESCR has not yet figured prominen..

The Global Flow Of Information

ISBN 10 : 9780814749470
ISBN 13 : 081474947X

The Internet has been integral to the globalization of a range of goods and production, from intellectual property and scientific research to political discourse and cultural symbo..

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