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Disappearing Cryptography: Information Hiding: Steganography and Watermarki…

Cryptology is the practice of hiding digital information by means of various obfuscatory and steganographic techniques. This book on cryptography and information hiding delineates a number of different methods to hide information in various types of digital media files which include encryption, compression, and data embedding and watermarking.New
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Homemade Ammo

Pub Date : 1995 | Author : Duncan Long | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0873648161
ISBN 13 : 9780873648165

Almost any handyman with a drill can produce a gun in a few weeks, but the same is not true for ammo. This book provides all the technical know-how you need to manufacture your own..

Ragnar S Ten Best Traps

Pub Date : 1985-06-01 | Author : Ragnar Benson | Publisher : Paladin Press

ISBN 10 : 0873643283
ISBN 13 : 9780873643283

Catch even the craftiest critters with the trap lore perfected over generations. Ragnar has culled his all-time favorite traps that are easy to build, easy to maintain and guarante..

Homemade Guns And Homemade Ammo

Pub Date : 1999-01-01 | Author : Ronald B. Brown | Publisher : Breakout Productions Incorporated

ISBN 10 : 1893626113
ISBN 13 : 9781893626119

How many homemade gun books have you read, only to discover that to make the thing work you needed a metal lathe or a milling machine? This book covers it all: legalities, concepts..

Nitration And Aromatic Reactivity

Pub Date : 1971 | Author : J. G. Hoggett | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

ISBN 10 : 0521080290
ISBN 13 : 9780521080293

First published in 1971 this volume claims that nitration is important for two reasons. First, because it is the most general process for the preparation of aromatic nitro-compound..


Pub Date : 1981-02-01 | Author : Ragnar Benson | Publisher : Paladin Press

ISBN 10 : 0873642155
ISBN 13 : 9780873642156

This is the first book ever published to explain how to capture that most dangerous animal: man. Based on Ragnar's own mantrapping experiences while on special assignments in Asia,..

Principles And Applications Of Asymmetric Synthesis

Pub Date : 2003-05-29 | Author : Guo-Qiang Lin | Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

ISBN 10 : 9780471465249
ISBN 13 : 0471465240

Asymmetric synthesis remains a challenge to practicing scientists as the need for enantiomerically pure or enriched compounds continues to increase. Over the last decade, a large a..

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