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Guidelines For The Use Of Personal Data In System Testing

ISBN 10 : 9780580424724
ISBN 13 : 0580424723

Data security, Data, Information, Data processing, Data handling, Data transfer, Legal documents, Legal liability, Legal procedures, Legislation, Law, Consumer protection, Access c..

Once More Unto The Breach

ISBN 10 : 9781849287098
ISBN 13 : 1849287090

The role of the information security manager has changed. Have you? The challenges you face as an information security manager (ISM) have increased enormously since the first editi..

The Operational Auditing Handbook

ISBN 10 : 9780470662113
ISBN 13 : 0470662115

Never out of print since 1997, and substantially updated for this second edition, The Operational Auditing Handbook has earned an international reputation as a hands-on, practical ..

Advances In Information Systems Science

ISBN 10 : 9781461582465
ISBN 13 : 1461582466

This volume, the fifth of a continuing series on information systems science, covers four timely topics which are in the mainstream of this field. In each chapter, an attempt is ma..

Genomic Medicine

ISBN 10 : 0108444503
ISBN 13 : 9780108444500

Volume 1 Report also available (ISBN 9780108444517). Genomic medicine has developed from the sequencing of the human genome..