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An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography (Undergraduate Texts in Mathem…

An Introduction To Mathematical Cryptography

ISBN 10 : 9781493917112
ISBN 13 : 1493917110

This self-contained introduction to modern cryptography emphasizes the mathematics behind the theory of public key cryptosystems and digital signature schemes. The book focuses on ..

An Introduction To Cryptography

ISBN 10 : 1584881275
ISBN 13 : 9781584881278

INTRODUCTION FOR THE UNINITIATED Heretofore, there has been no suitable introductory book that provides a solid mathematical treatment of cryptography for students with little or n..

Discrete Mathematics With Applications

ISBN 10 : 9780495391326
ISBN 13 : 0495391328

Susanna Epp’s DISCRETE MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS, FOURTH EDITION provides a clear introduction to discrete mathematics. Renowned for her lucid, accessible prose, Epp explains..

Elementary Number Theory Primes Congruences And Secrets

ISBN 10 : 9780387855257
ISBN 13 : 0387855254

This is a book about prime numbers, congruences, secret messages, and elliptic curves that you can read cover to cover. It grew out of undergr- uate courses that the author taught ..

The Art Of Proof

ISBN 10 : 1441970231
ISBN 13 : 9781441970237

The Art of Proof is designed for a one-semester or two-quarter course. A typical student will have studied calculus (perhaps also linear algebra) with reasonable success. With an a..

Love And Math

ISBN 10 : 9780465069958
ISBN 13 : 0465069959

What if you had to take an art class in which you were only taught how to paint a fence? What if you were never shown the paintings of van Gogh and Picasso, weren’t even told the..

Discrete Mathematics

ISBN 10 : 9780387217772
ISBN 13 : 0387217770

Aimed at undergraduate mathematics and computer science students, this book is an excellent introduction to a lot of problems of discrete mathematics. It discusses a number of sele..

Applied Combinatorics 6th Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781118210116
ISBN 13 : 1118210115

The new 6th edition of Applied Combinatorics builds on the previous editions with more in depth analysis of computer systems in order to help develop proficiency in basic discrete ..


ISBN 10 : 9781400884797
ISBN 13 : 1400884799

A mathematical tour of some of the greatest unsolved ciphers of all time In 1953, a man was found dead from cyanide poisoning near the Philadelphia airport with a picture of a Nazi..

Hacker Hoaxer Whistleblower Spy

ISBN 10 : 9781781685846
ISBN 13 : 1781685843

Here is the ultimate book on the worldwide movement of hackers, pranksters, and activists that operates under the non-name Anonymous, by the writer the Huffington Post says “know..

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